LOLA & FRED film

The Premiere was hold in the XENIX Cinema in Zürich in 2012.

The LOLA & FRED shortfilm (4 min) has been produced by swamp film in Lucerne, Switzerland. The swiss television is co-producer (editorial: Catherine Ann Berger)

with the friendly financial support of:

- film foundations of Zürich, Lucerne and Zug

- swiss federal office of culture

- swiss television SF

- Habegger AG

- Migros culture percent

completion and broadcast: summer 2011

idea, storyboard und stage direction: Christoph Heuer

production management and animation: Raphael Gschwind

animation: Rolf Bächler, Simon Elz, Oswald Iten

postproduction und sound: Habegger AG, Dave Ponzio, Simon Ackermann

administration: Marius Portmann

technical direction: Daniel Bühler