what parents say

The books of "Lola & Fred " are really good!
Every evening, since month`s !!! our little daughter wishes to "read" the books of L&F. That means 7 times a week evening after evening!
Pia und Markus Schwab - Ramseier


Your books are a delight for the whole family. They stimulate our imagination, often it ends in wild und funny stories . We look verymuch forward for the next adventure!
Erika Baumgartner Starzacher


We had a great time learning to draw with your potato technique. Since then we used this technique many times. My daughter Sarina loves your books and is impatient for the next release.
Norbert Zeller


"dir Mr Heuer I rid al yur books. I love de books. Cann yu tel me plise wen "Lola & Fred & Tom & Julia" is finish?
greeting Silvan (6)"