Lola & Fred

the author

Christoph Heuer is born on the 5th of April 1966 in Bern, Switzerland. After his studies of architecture at the ETH Zürich he works for several years as an architect in and around Switzerland.
Additionally he draws cartoons and illustrations. Since 2000 he works as a freelance architect ,cartoonist and illustrator in Zürich.

"a cartoon tells a whole story with one single picture. It creates a fascinating interaction between the picture and the viewer, phantasy and immagination are animated. Most of the time a text is not needed."

This interaction was the challenge to create the picturebook series LOLA & FRED. Christoph Heuer wanted to create a book where no text is needed. Every tale becomes very personal to each "reader". The reader becomes the co-writer and a special dynamic is created.

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